We all know tourism as a leisure or recreational activity but there is more to it. Traveling is also about planning your budget, spending time in odd situations, meeting strangers and my favourite, hitchhiking. All of these things seem ‘not as per society terms’ but in my opinion, they form the essence of travelling. On my travels, I have done every bit on my part to go off the terms designed by society.

Having that bug of traveling and learning new possible ways to travel for free was always my type and the internet taught me how to do it. I packed my bags and was off to my first ever hitchhiking journey from Delhi to Manali.

That very first thumb raise to get hitched, that very first car stop and that very first NO by the driver and that every minute I spent on road, everything was just boosting my confidence and the excitement to get a lift was insane. From every 10 vehicles, 1 stopped and finally ladies and gentlemen, Oh NO, I had to take a rickshaw to the highway paying him thirty rupees.

Finally, the first ever lift I got was in a loading vehicle and the thrill almost had my cap flew away. Covering the distance I started falling in love with this way of traveling.

By the time I reached somewhere near the border of Himachal Pradesh by taking multiple lifts, it was dark already.