Many individuals may say that Manali is “been there and done that”! At the point when they say Manali, typically, famous choices like Old Manali, Hampta Pass and Rohtang Pass, come blazing to our psyche. However, covering up in the midst of these well known neighbors are a couple of moderately neglected joyful paths. Read on, to find:

Option 1: Lambadug Trek

Duration: 6 to 7 hours

Trail: Manali – Lamadugh–Manali

Altitude: 3018 m/9900 ft

Gradient: Moderate

Hadimba Devi Temple

This strange trek begins from the Hadimba sanctuary. In local language,Lamadugh means long and profound. The path is moderate, loosening up into Pine, Oak, Chestnut, Maple, and Cedar woods. For a short one day trek, it offers a great deal, like beautiful views of Manali, a distant view on the Manalsu glacier, the Dhauladhar and Pirpanjal ranges including Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba and Rohtang Pass.

How to get there:

–Local buses are available from Manali

–It is a short distance of 2.7 km (10-15 minutes), so it can be easily walked

–Hire an auto/taxi

Manu Temple Road

How about a short hike before reaching Old Manali? 

This trek begins from the Manu sanctuary. This is for the people who need to explore an un-concretised Himachal, with wooden homes as old as 700 years. There is an obvious signboard just before the Manu sanctuary that focuses towards the beginning bearing of the trek. Slender ways encompassed by apple plantations and pine trees pave the way to the Goshal town. This is a moderately unexplored trail, embarked upon generally by residents.

How to get there:

–Manali to Old Manali, is a short distance of 3 km (15-20 minutes), so it can easily be walked

–Hire an auto/taxi till Old Manali

–From Old Manali, hike upto Manu temple, another 3 km


Rumsu, is an old Himalayan town of around 1000 years. It has an old world appeal to it. It is additionally the base camp of Chandrakhani Pass trek that drives you to Malana. 

A brisk 45 minutes drive from Manali prompts a precarious slope trek from Chakki Nala to Rumsu town. 

Open air darlings appreciate the moderate climb through deodar forest and apple plantations, while crossing wonderful old wooden houses, surging Beas and lavish greenery around. This unexplored path is just utilized by the residents as of now. The path drives us to a school at Rumsu town and further to the sanctuary and Panchayat territory of the local area.

How to Get There:

–Take a cab from Manali to Jagatsukh leading to Chakki Nala drive. It is a 45 minutes hour

–There is a tea stall near Chakki nala. The trek starts from here, leading to a forest trail

–From the Chakki Naga it takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to reach Rumsu.


Prini town is only 4 km away from the hustle clamor of Manali. From the street head directly across Serenity inn begins the trek to the curious Banara town. This is a simple path where quiet backwoods of oak and pine, keeps the explorer’s heart murmuring. This path is typically taken up by townspeople and is very much safeguarded. Kathkuni customary wooden homes and Manali-scape, makes the town look like straight out of a postcard. It closes at the Banara sanctuary, where penances are made to date. On the off chance that you choose to go on, only one hour in front of the Banara sanctuary, the path will raise you to mountains from where you can get aeronautical view on Manali with Friendship top overlooking it.

How to get there:


–There are regular local buses from Manali mall road to Prini, that charge as low as Rs. 10

–Take an auto/taxi from Manali mall Road to Prini

Jana Waterfall

Jana waterfall is arranged in the curious villa of Jana. Rather than halting at the food stalls close to the cascade, follow the path alongside the waterfall. It is a short and simple climb and unfurls into a stunning perspective on the waterfall encompassed by snow clad mountains overlooking deodar, pine trees and apple plantations. After an invigorating dunk in the pool, one should try Siddhu. Siddhu is a conventional Himachali dish, made of wheat and yeast; presented with ghee! 

How to get there:

–Jana village is just 12 km away from Naggar.

–There is 15-20 minutes hike from the Jana bus stop to Jana waterfall. The trail that leads up to the Jana falls is breath taking.

–Bus: Several local buses ply from Naggar to Jana as early as 9 in the morning

–Hire a local taxi